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This website is a direct result of my passion for geometric patterns and ornament.  I enjoy using my education in computer graphics and mechanical engineering to create ornamental designs and objects.  My artwork has been an interesting evolution of both style and technique.

It all started while working on a project for a design course I was taking at the time.  I soon became interested in all things related to pattern, symmetry and ornament.  I continue to be influenced by artwork from different cultures, especially the interlacing designs from celtic and islamic art.  I am also influenced by specific artists, like M.C. Escher and Russian architect/designer Yakov Chernikhov.  Chernikhov's interlacing, geometric ornaments provide a great source of inspiration for my own work.  I've been compelled to create designs and objects that include symmetry and interlacing as common themes.

At first, I started to create a multitude of patterns on plain paper, by hand.  I quickly learned that graph paper greatly aided in creating the repetitive patterns.  For a time, I used a compass, triangles and a straight edge to increase the accuracy of my designs.  I also began to refine my drawings from repetitive patterns to finished designs and ornaments at this time.  When I could afford it, I invested in my first computer and a copy of Adobe Illustrator.  I generated many designs using the 2D vector graphics software.  Recently, I have been utilizing 3D CAD software (Autodesk Inventor) and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques (rapid prototyping directly in metal) to create real-world, geometric objects.

I hope you enjoy the designs, you can view some of them in my gallery page.  Please contact me with any questions.

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